Vidhi & Pratik - The Hopeless Hip-Hop Romantics

She was 'Baby Saddam' and He is Mr 'Whey Protein'. When #2patelsarebetterthan1  became the official wedding hashtag of Vidhi & Pratik's wedding, Sid and I knew we were up for some serious shindig. On this day of love, I wanted to celebrate the couple who made me appreciate Hip-Hop and Rap a little more, just so unusual for my Indian music taste. I was simply in awe of Vidhi and Pratik,  who knew every lyric of each song, walking into their reception night rapping to ASAP Ferg. This is the most iconic and influential music genres of the last couple of decades, and with such a strong impact which made huge ripple effects in the way people think of art across the world. How could such an "Underground" music genre rise to the top? it's a matter of chemistry. Every beat is perfectly aligned to melodies and the lyrical flow falls in smoothly.  Vidhi and Pratik are just like a sublime rap song, together in sync with rhythm and poetry, their love story sparks with every beat and lyric. The music with the most unmistakable rhythm, if Vidhi shows fervor, Pratik shows his sensitivity which make these two the most unforgettable couple.  They are simply lost in that world, nothing matters to them except they are together and in rhythm. #TurnDownForWhat !  Vidhi & Pratik - we hope you are able to relive all the memories from this day & wish you both a Happy  Valentines from the bottom of our hearts. We can't wait to see you both again. "Love is just a word but you bring it definition." Eminem

Feel their Rhythm with their favorite playlist: 

Kendrick Lamar- DNA/ ASAP Ferg- Work Remix/ Jay Z- Can I get A/ Chance The Rapper- No Problem/Kanye West- Power/ Cut it- OT Genesis/Big Sean- Blessings/ Jay Z & Kanye- Gotta Have It/ Kanye- All of the Lights/ Def Loaf-Back Up. 

Vendors- Venue, Northerly Island: Planning, Sabrina Hans Events : Decor, Kehoe : Make Up, Franceley makeup: Photo Video, Mili Ghosh Team-  Sid Ghosh, Paul Von Rieter, Christian DaCosta, Damon Chamberlain.  

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Since we met it’s been you and I
A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye
And you know that my heart gon’ cry
If you leave me lonely
Cuz you not just my love you my homie
— – Lil Wayne, "Receipt"
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Do you believe me when I tell you, you the one I’m lovin’
Are you mad cuz I’m askin’ you 21 questions
Are you my soul mate? Cuz if so, girl you a blessing
— - 50 Cent, "21 Questions"
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King meets queen, then the puppy love thing
Together dream about that crib with the Goodyear swing
— – Outkast, "Ms. Jackson"
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Sheekha & Abbas - Sufi Love

What do you get when a gorgeous optometrist introvert says a long-awaited yes to her "Renaissance Hero," everyone says nacho sare jee padhke! a shaadi fueled with dhamal, masti and a ton of laughter.. Take this tale that was regaled when the toasting and speeches officially began later that evening at the reception. Just two short hours before the guests were to arrive, a "sipping situation" began to arise. It came to the father-of-the-groom's attention - who we feel we must now mention happens to be vice chairman of a very well-known and famous blue-canned beverage company - that Union Station, the chosen venue, having an exclusive contract with the competing, other-colored brand had stocked nothing but red products, not one blue; to which, of course, was immediately determined would not do and had to all be rushed out and moved. Mission: Replace was officially under way. So a visit to every nearby grocery store and mart was made by placing nothing but blue cans into every cart and then driven back to the chosen venue with minutes to spare, with both the bride and groom and honored guest, Pepsico's CEO and president, Indra Nooyi, blissfully unaware. And although the night was mostly filled with stories of fun like the previous one - say the groom's penchant for Freddy Krueger-loving or his Bye Bye Birdie star turn crooning - there were also the loving, and touching moments so sweet, it made everyone's heart in attendance skip an extra beat; especially when the toast or speech would turn to the way of the beautiful bride, Sheekha's, seat. Like when Abbas' brother and sister arose, took the microphone, and spoke of the elegant and seamless way in which she took her rightful place into a sometimes hard to penetrate family unit just by being loyally and lovingly authentic, and all while our intimate rendezvous moments with the family where the mother in the law also said how she fell in love with her the day she met her and knew she would one day officially add her as a daughter. And as Abbas' would smartly attest, mother(in-laws) always know best. So with a mother, father, brother and sister's approval, now all it would take is for one last member to bless the union: the groom's beyond sweet little nephew who has his lips pressed to the mic, three simple words did ignite an audible "awww" from the entire raised-glass site and room, "I love you, Sheekha Mami." Yep. Best be careful, Mr. Groom, you may have some competition from this smallest "Renaissance-man-in-training" dude. So just what do you get when a stunning introverted optometrist says yes to our handsome GQ renaissance hero ? Why, a event filled with nothing but blue cans, love, laughter and dance - and every last little kind of merriment.

Credits: Venues: Ritz Carlton (Chicago), Union Station (Chicago), Khan Residence (Greenwich), Greenwich Country Club (Greenwich); Wedding Planner: Rachel De Marte (Chicago) Hana Chugtai- Mani Mela (Greenwich); Make up: Karuna Chani; Emily Oliver (Utah)  Hair by Rosemary Monica (Chicago) & Nico Donielle (Utah) Couture by: Ali Xeeshan, Sabyasachi, Faraz Manan; Republic by Omar, Tom Ford; Photography & Cinematography Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh, Damon Chamberlain; Decor: Kehoe Design (Chicago), Mani Mela (Greenwich).

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Sheekha & Abbas- Echoes of Amangiri

Fashion and dessert modernism, my two most loved passions combined with my years-long model and muse, Sheekha was a dream lifestyle editorial shoot for me, allowing me to become one with - not only my camera's lens and my innate love for a natural and symmetrical canvas, but with Utah's exclusive Amangiri Resort's respite. Lemon Trees and swerving shoulders of curved rock that both partnered and cloaked with and against concrete geometric planes that somehow seemed perfectly set into place that also humbly gave way to Sheekha and Abbas was a privilege to partake and create. And upon the shooting of this fashion vignette and discussing these artful chemistries and philosophies what truly fit in was title and name of this resort, Amangiri, nestled so prettily into the secluded valley of sandstone when translated literally means "mountain of peace," and what most easily and ultimately became the heart, breadth and soul of this shoot.

Notes Behind the Scenes: I remember when were in the middle of the planning-the-shoot stages when I felt like I was working with not a bride, but a co-producer by my side; with nonstop texts coming from both our ends, it's the most involved I'd ever been with a bride-to-be, but it actually felt so good to discuss every fleeting thought that would come - to have someone that was always there to listen, analyze - and to care. At times, our minds felt like they were literally syncing from all of the things we were separately envisioning. In fact, in one case they actually did - as it turns out we even picked the exact same outfit on the exact same day while we were in a completely different city and place! (It was the red and green floral dress by D & G, by the way.) There was so much texting back and forth, so often (even while we were both driving) that we're lucky none of us got killed. I'm even pretty sure that if I were to tally all the texts that we sent and received, she's be the at the top of my carrier's list, easily. I've never had a bride so willing to be right there, right by my side, who would even stay up late with me to pack, organize and plan the shoot - we even stuck tape to the bottom of every pair of shoes we used so that they could be returned; this was the level of her involvement and commitment which I'll forever thank her for.

Behind the scenes: Amangiri Resort - Cameron Shaw / Make up by Emily 'Trantow' Oliver/ Couture by Sanjay Garg and Gaurav Gupta; Sourced by Nisha Kundnani Bridelan Mumbai/Couture Owned by Sheekha: Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, Varun Shah Bahl, Dolce Gabbana, Balmain/Hair by Nico Doniele Scegiel/Aerials by Michael Cerderios, assisted by Jenny/Cinematography and Co-produced by Sid Ghosh/Art direction, Styling, Photography and Produced by Mili Ghosh/Featured Poetry: Nazm by Gulzar

Shoot Memoirs- A Look Behind The Scenes

Manita & Harpreet- The Flawless Affair in Vegas

As per the title of our previous post Manita and Harpreet go together like chocolate pudding and chinese food; but if we were to be a bit more traditional in our description, we could just tell you that it's safe to say that never will a cuter, more romantic or better-matched couple come along the way than that of Manita & Harpreet, for they are a more than perfect twosome, truly. Let's take Harp. Look up the word extrovert in the dictionary, and there he would be, smiling and smirking. A jokester, prankster and lover of life. Ask him to balance, jump or pull a stunt and you immediately catch his attention and would probably ask you to do it again, all with a big ol' grin. But what does that old love saying project? Ahh yes. Opposites (most definitely do) attract. Nothing could be more true than with what we're about to tell you about the beyond beautiful bride that has chosen to forever stand next to lucky Harp's side. Manita. Soft yet playful with the ladylike elegance being just a few of her admired qualities and synonyms to what just so happens to make her a perfect balance and complement to Harp's entire personage. Whether it's values, morality, respect or understanding, they are 100% completely, and always lovingly, in sync. So to have to sit down and try to express with words the level of positivity, warmth and easiness we felt whenever we were in these two's - or their family's presence - would prove to be an almost impossible task to do, but try we must - with just one last sliver and example of how we were thanked and acknowledged rather graciously and publicly by their whole family in front of the entire wedding party on their big day with Manita's mother, Val, leading the charge and way, will forever mean more to us than we could ever possibly say. Honored and humbled are two words that come to mind as they so easily describe where Manita gets her most alluring qualities. A pillar of strength coupled with a pure heart and grace, if only I could look like her at my own daughter's wedding one day, let's just say, I'm ready to age. And we would be truly remiss if we didn't take this opportunity of our own to thank both of them, publicly, most especially the bride, for putting so much blind faith and trust into this whole adventure and ride; for she closely collaborated throughout the entire process, from the editorial shoot down to the logistics and every last little fine detail of this truly fairytale-like dream wedding, while never once fretting. So, yes, from the outside you might not think that two such opposite things as Chinese food and chocolate pudding could or should ever go together, but after meeting and seeing Manita and Harpreet, no other two things could ever fit more perfectly.

Venues: Sangeet Portraits- Villa De Lion, Los Angeles Sangeet Event-  Hyde//Bellagio, Wedding Ceremony Bellagio garden, Wedding Reception - Poolside//Wynn- Couture: Tarun Tahiliani, Abu Sandeep, Anita Dongre, Jade Couture, Tom Ford. Vendors: Decor Team- Prashe. Wedding Planner- Tory L Cooper. Make up & Hair- Tamana, Dress your Face & Susmita Patel, Style by Susmita.  Photo and Video Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh, Kristen Marie Parker, Damon Chamberloin


Manita & Harpreet- They Go Together Like Chinese Food and Chocolate Pudding

Have you heard the one about the precocious pool boy and the oh so stylish sophisticate? We kid, we kid. But all jokes aside, there is one thing that a photographer always cross-their-fingers not so secretly hopes that a subject (or subjects) will provide: the willingness and wherewithal to be spontaneous and to improvise. And when it came to not only the title of this blog post, but also getting these fun, creative, personality-pluslifestyle editorial images of Miss Manita and Harp, well, let's just say, they had it in spades - right from the start. Take our precocious pool boy as an example, if you will, and his spot-on improvisational skills. There was a moment in the shoot after all the planning, location scouting and conceptualizing had finally come together and underway that they were able to take a bit of a breather and break; but as any photographer will reiterate, it's in those moments that a perfect picture makes. And that is just what happened with Mister Harp when I lifted up my camera's lens to catch him leaning in and taking a drink from Manita'sheld-out straw, i.e., the perfect shot. But that's not to say that there aren't other things just as important as that improvising that need to come together in complete sync, like, say, the editorial hair, makeup and wardrobe styling; and that's where Manita came right on in with her love of contemporary look and modern minimalism. Most of the wardrobe pieces actually belong to her, and a few things for which we actually shopped for together.  And as the photographer, I can attest, that connection, it works wonders with not only the broadening of my own abilities artistic, but with all the backend constraints, deadlines, edits and scenario story-telling concepts; kind of like what you could call the photographer's definition and version of a runner's high. So, in the end, and all jokes aside, sometimes to get the quintessentially perfect shoot/shot and maybe to also obtain the elusive photographer's high, the stars, they just have to align; you know, much like they did with our oh so stylish sophisticate's straw and our precocious pool boy's lips. We kid, we kid.

Styling: Mili Ghosh & Manita Gill Photography: Mili & Sid Ghosh Location: Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, Venice Beach & Canals, Villa De Lion, Pacific Palisades. Make up & Hair: Susmita PatelWardrobe & Accessories: Alice Olivia Floral Skirt, Anita Dongre, Manish Malhotra, Clover Canyon, Oliver People, Kitson, Nudies.

The Look:  Clover Canyon Floral Matching Sets, Louboutin, Oliver Peoples, Kitson Panther Tee, Dark Eclipse from Nudies, Horsebit Loafer by Gucci.

The Look:  Clover Canyon Floral Matching Sets, Louboutin, Oliver Peoples, Kitson Panther Tee, Dark Eclipse from Nudies, Horsebit Loafer by Gucci.

The Look, Arpita Mehta Mirrored Lehnga, Tom Ford Tux

The Look, Arpita Mehta Mirrored Lehnga, Tom Ford Tux

The Look: Alive & Olivia Floral Ball Gown Skirt and Tank, Manish Malhotra Jacket Set  

The Look: Alive & Olivia Floral Ball Gown Skirt and Tank, Manish Malhotra Jacket Set  

The Look: Anita Dongre Dress Gown, Gold Cuff, YSL tee, Sport Coat

The Look: Anita Dongre Dress Gown, Gold Cuff, YSL tee, Sport Coat

Shoot memoirs- A look behind the scenes