Vidhi & Pratik - The Hopeless Hip-Hop Romantics

She was 'Baby Saddam' and He is Mr 'Whey Protein'. When #2patelsarebetterthan1  became the official wedding hashtag of Vidhi & Pratik's wedding, Sid and I knew we were up for some serious shindig. On this day of love, I wanted to celebrate the couple who made me appreciate Hip-Hop and Rap a little more, just so unusual for my Indian music taste. I was simply in awe of Vidhi and Pratik,  who knew every lyric of each song, walking into their reception night rapping to ASAP Ferg. This is the most iconic and influential music genres of the last couple of decades, and with such a strong impact which made huge ripple effects in the way people think of art across the world. How could such an "Underground" music genre rise to the top? it's a matter of chemistry. Every beat is perfectly aligned to melodies and the lyrical flow falls in smoothly.  Vidhi and Pratik are just like a sublime rap song, together in sync with rhythm and poetry, their love story sparks with every beat and lyric. The music with the most unmistakable rhythm, if Vidhi shows fervor, Pratik shows his sensitivity which make these two the most unforgettable couple.  They are simply lost in that world, nothing matters to them except they are together and in rhythm. #TurnDownForWhat !  Vidhi & Pratik - we hope you are able to relive all the memories from this day & wish you both a Happy  Valentines from the bottom of our hearts. We can't wait to see you both again. "Love is just a word but you bring it definition." Eminem

Feel their Rhythm with their favorite playlist: 

Kendrick Lamar- DNA/ ASAP Ferg- Work Remix/ Jay Z- Can I get A/ Chance The Rapper- No Problem/Kanye West- Power/ Cut it- OT Genesis/Big Sean- Blessings/ Jay Z & Kanye- Gotta Have It/ Kanye- All of the Lights/ Def Loaf-Back Up. 

Vendors- Venue, Northerly Island: Planning, Sabrina Hans Events : Decor, Kehoe : Make Up, Franceley makeup: Photo Video, Mili Ghosh Team-  Sid Ghosh, Paul Von Rieter, Christian DaCosta, Damon Chamberlain.  

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Since we met it’s been you and I
A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye
And you know that my heart gon’ cry
If you leave me lonely
Cuz you not just my love you my homie
— – Lil Wayne, "Receipt"
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Do you believe me when I tell you, you the one I’m lovin’
Are you mad cuz I’m askin’ you 21 questions
Are you my soul mate? Cuz if so, girl you a blessing
— - 50 Cent, "21 Questions"
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King meets queen, then the puppy love thing
Together dream about that crib with the Goodyear swing
— – Outkast, "Ms. Jackson"
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Babita & Parth: Gujunese Love, Art of the Tease

We'ave all heard it been said that the couple that plays together, stays together, yes? Well, never have these words (or wedding bells) rung more true than that of (creative charmer) Babita and the (funnyman) Partha, our couple(d) two. For when asked what makes these opposites most click, and be put at instant ease, its the fine art of the dueling sarcastic tease. A pass time that they have both happily agreed on and made a permanent stay in their relationship from the very first days (and whenever Mister Partha can sneak in a little wink or a blow a kiss from across a dinner table just to watch Babz sheer embarrassment) and one they plan to continue to through to anniversary year one hundred and two- because both Babz and Mr Pantastic know- and are proof- that if you find that one person that makes you laugh 'til it hurts, you should just go ahead and end your soul mate search. So perhaps in this pair's particular instance and case, we should rally chance the motto to (now) say: the couple that (literally) plays (did we almost forget to mention that these two are complete Pokemon addicts, too, and that their wedding day not-just-so-happened to coincide with the app going live? ) cooks, dances, teases, organizes and creates together, stays together. Yes. There. Much better. And while you are start scrolling down, don't be alarmed if you start seeing Madhuri Dixit instead of Babz. Yes, I still have goosebumps when Babz flashes her 1000 watt smile and all I see in-front of my eyes is my childhood crush. I didn't have posters of Salman or Shahrukh Khan plastered all over my room, it was Madhuri Dixit. Want proof? my dubsmash says it all.

Credits: Venue: The Venetian, Joshua Tree National Park; Wedding Planner: Premini Events, Priya Kumar; Wedding Make up & Hair: Karuna Chani;  Wedding Couture: Well Groomed (Vancouver); Reception Couture: RK Bridal; Cake: Palermo Bakery; Dj/Music: DJ USA; Hair: Nico Donielle (LA shoot); Photography & Cinematography Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh,Adam Troeger, Dalton Campbell, Rob Venga; Decor: Design House Decor; Catering: Moghul Catering.

Sheekha & Abbas - Sufi Love

What do you get when a gorgeous optometrist introvert says a long-awaited yes to her "Renaissance Hero," everyone says nacho sare jee padhke! a shaadi fueled with dhamal, masti and a ton of laughter.. Take this tale that was regaled when the toasting and speeches officially began later that evening at the reception. Just two short hours before the guests were to arrive, a "sipping situation" began to arise. It came to the father-of-the-groom's attention - who we feel we must now mention happens to be vice chairman of a very well-known and famous blue-canned beverage company - that Union Station, the chosen venue, having an exclusive contract with the competing, other-colored brand had stocked nothing but red products, not one blue; to which, of course, was immediately determined would not do and had to all be rushed out and moved. Mission: Replace was officially under way. So a visit to every nearby grocery store and mart was made by placing nothing but blue cans into every cart and then driven back to the chosen venue with minutes to spare, with both the bride and groom and honored guest, Pepsico's CEO and president, Indra Nooyi, blissfully unaware. And although the night was mostly filled with stories of fun like the previous one - say the groom's penchant for Freddy Krueger-loving or his Bye Bye Birdie star turn crooning - there were also the loving, and touching moments so sweet, it made everyone's heart in attendance skip an extra beat; especially when the toast or speech would turn to the way of the beautiful bride, Sheekha's, seat. Like when Abbas' brother and sister arose, took the microphone, and spoke of the elegant and seamless way in which she took her rightful place into a sometimes hard to penetrate family unit just by being loyally and lovingly authentic, and all while our intimate rendezvous moments with the family where the mother in the law also said how she fell in love with her the day she met her and knew she would one day officially add her as a daughter. And as Abbas' would smartly attest, mother(in-laws) always know best. So with a mother, father, brother and sister's approval, now all it would take is for one last member to bless the union: the groom's beyond sweet little nephew who has his lips pressed to the mic, three simple words did ignite an audible "awww" from the entire raised-glass site and room, "I love you, Sheekha Mami." Yep. Best be careful, Mr. Groom, you may have some competition from this smallest "Renaissance-man-in-training" dude. So just what do you get when a stunning introverted optometrist says yes to our handsome GQ renaissance hero ? Why, a event filled with nothing but blue cans, love, laughter and dance - and every last little kind of merriment.

Credits: Venues: Ritz Carlton (Chicago), Union Station (Chicago), Khan Residence (Greenwich), Greenwich Country Club (Greenwich); Wedding Planner: Rachel De Marte (Chicago) Hana Chugtai- Mani Mela (Greenwich); Make up: Karuna Chani; Emily Oliver (Utah)  Hair by Rosemary Monica (Chicago) & Nico Donielle (Utah) Couture by: Ali Xeeshan, Sabyasachi, Faraz Manan; Republic by Omar, Tom Ford; Photography & Cinematography Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh, Damon Chamberlain; Decor: Kehoe Design (Chicago), Mani Mela (Greenwich).

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Sheekha & Abbas- Echoes of Amangiri

Fashion and dessert modernism, my two most loved passions combined with my years-long model and muse, Sheekha was a dream lifestyle editorial shoot for me, allowing me to become one with - not only my camera's lens and my innate love for a natural and symmetrical canvas, but with Utah's exclusive Amangiri Resort's respite. Lemon Trees and swerving shoulders of curved rock that both partnered and cloaked with and against concrete geometric planes that somehow seemed perfectly set into place that also humbly gave way to Sheekha and Abbas was a privilege to partake and create. And upon the shooting of this fashion vignette and discussing these artful chemistries and philosophies what truly fit in was title and name of this resort, Amangiri, nestled so prettily into the secluded valley of sandstone when translated literally means "mountain of peace," and what most easily and ultimately became the heart, breadth and soul of this shoot.

Notes Behind the Scenes: I remember when were in the middle of the planning-the-shoot stages when I felt like I was working with not a bride, but a co-producer by my side; with nonstop texts coming from both our ends, it's the most involved I'd ever been with a bride-to-be, but it actually felt so good to discuss every fleeting thought that would come - to have someone that was always there to listen, analyze - and to care. At times, our minds felt like they were literally syncing from all of the things we were separately envisioning. In fact, in one case they actually did - as it turns out we even picked the exact same outfit on the exact same day while we were in a completely different city and place! (It was the red and green floral dress by D & G, by the way.) There was so much texting back and forth, so often (even while we were both driving) that we're lucky none of us got killed. I'm even pretty sure that if I were to tally all the texts that we sent and received, she's be the at the top of my carrier's list, easily. I've never had a bride so willing to be right there, right by my side, who would even stay up late with me to pack, organize and plan the shoot - we even stuck tape to the bottom of every pair of shoes we used so that they could be returned; this was the level of her involvement and commitment which I'll forever thank her for.

Behind the scenes: Amangiri Resort - Cameron Shaw / Make up by Emily 'Trantow' Oliver/ Couture by Sanjay Garg and Gaurav Gupta; Sourced by Nisha Kundnani Bridelan Mumbai/Couture Owned by Sheekha: Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, Varun Shah Bahl, Dolce Gabbana, Balmain/Hair by Nico Doniele Scegiel/Aerials by Michael Cerderios, assisted by Jenny/Cinematography and Co-produced by Sid Ghosh/Art direction, Styling, Photography and Produced by Mili Ghosh/Featured Poetry: Nazm by Gulzar

Shoot Memoirs- A Look Behind The Scenes

Manita & Harpreet- The Flawless Affair in Vegas

As per the title of our previous post Manita and Harpreet go together like chocolate pudding and chinese food; but if we were to be a bit more traditional in our description, we could just tell you that it's safe to say that never will a cuter, more romantic or better-matched couple come along the way than that of Manita & Harpreet, for they are a more than perfect twosome, truly. Let's take Harp. Look up the word extrovert in the dictionary, and there he would be, smiling and smirking. A jokester, prankster and lover of life. Ask him to balance, jump or pull a stunt and you immediately catch his attention and would probably ask you to do it again, all with a big ol' grin. But what does that old love saying project? Ahh yes. Opposites (most definitely do) attract. Nothing could be more true than with what we're about to tell you about the beyond beautiful bride that has chosen to forever stand next to lucky Harp's side. Manita. Soft yet playful with the ladylike elegance being just a few of her admired qualities and synonyms to what just so happens to make her a perfect balance and complement to Harp's entire personage. Whether it's values, morality, respect or understanding, they are 100% completely, and always lovingly, in sync. So to have to sit down and try to express with words the level of positivity, warmth and easiness we felt whenever we were in these two's - or their family's presence - would prove to be an almost impossible task to do, but try we must - with just one last sliver and example of how we were thanked and acknowledged rather graciously and publicly by their whole family in front of the entire wedding party on their big day with Manita's mother, Val, leading the charge and way, will forever mean more to us than we could ever possibly say. Honored and humbled are two words that come to mind as they so easily describe where Manita gets her most alluring qualities. A pillar of strength coupled with a pure heart and grace, if only I could look like her at my own daughter's wedding one day, let's just say, I'm ready to age. And we would be truly remiss if we didn't take this opportunity of our own to thank both of them, publicly, most especially the bride, for putting so much blind faith and trust into this whole adventure and ride; for she closely collaborated throughout the entire process, from the editorial shoot down to the logistics and every last little fine detail of this truly fairytale-like dream wedding, while never once fretting. So, yes, from the outside you might not think that two such opposite things as Chinese food and chocolate pudding could or should ever go together, but after meeting and seeing Manita and Harpreet, no other two things could ever fit more perfectly.

Venues: Sangeet Portraits- Villa De Lion, Los Angeles Sangeet Event-  Hyde//Bellagio, Wedding Ceremony Bellagio garden, Wedding Reception - Poolside//Wynn- Couture: Tarun Tahiliani, Abu Sandeep, Anita Dongre, Jade Couture, Tom Ford. Vendors: Decor Team- Prashe. Wedding Planner- Tory L Cooper. Make up & Hair- Tamana, Dress your Face & Susmita Patel, Style by Susmita.  Photo and Video Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh, Kristen Marie Parker, Damon Chamberloin


Manita & Harpreet- They Go Together Like Chinese Food and Chocolate Pudding

Have you heard the one about the precocious pool boy and the oh so stylish sophisticate? We kid, we kid. But all jokes aside, there is one thing that a photographer always cross-their-fingers not so secretly hopes that a subject (or subjects) will provide: the willingness and wherewithal to be spontaneous and to improvise. And when it came to not only the title of this blog post, but also getting these fun, creative, personality-pluslifestyle editorial images of Miss Manita and Harp, well, let's just say, they had it in spades - right from the start. Take our precocious pool boy as an example, if you will, and his spot-on improvisational skills. There was a moment in the shoot after all the planning, location scouting and conceptualizing had finally come together and underway that they were able to take a bit of a breather and break; but as any photographer will reiterate, it's in those moments that a perfect picture makes. And that is just what happened with Mister Harp when I lifted up my camera's lens to catch him leaning in and taking a drink from Manita'sheld-out straw, i.e., the perfect shot. But that's not to say that there aren't other things just as important as that improvising that need to come together in complete sync, like, say, the editorial hair, makeup and wardrobe styling; and that's where Manita came right on in with her love of contemporary look and modern minimalism. Most of the wardrobe pieces actually belong to her, and a few things for which we actually shopped for together.  And as the photographer, I can attest, that connection, it works wonders with not only the broadening of my own abilities artistic, but with all the backend constraints, deadlines, edits and scenario story-telling concepts; kind of like what you could call the photographer's definition and version of a runner's high. So, in the end, and all jokes aside, sometimes to get the quintessentially perfect shoot/shot and maybe to also obtain the elusive photographer's high, the stars, they just have to align; you know, much like they did with our oh so stylish sophisticate's straw and our precocious pool boy's lips. We kid, we kid.

Styling: Mili Ghosh & Manita Gill Photography: Mili & Sid Ghosh Location: Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, Venice Beach & Canals, Villa De Lion, Pacific Palisades. Make up & Hair: Susmita PatelWardrobe & Accessories: Alice Olivia Floral Skirt, Anita Dongre, Manish Malhotra, Clover Canyon, Oliver People, Kitson, Nudies.

The Look:  Clover Canyon Floral Matching Sets, Louboutin, Oliver Peoples, Kitson Panther Tee, Dark Eclipse from Nudies, Horsebit Loafer by Gucci.

The Look:  Clover Canyon Floral Matching Sets, Louboutin, Oliver Peoples, Kitson Panther Tee, Dark Eclipse from Nudies, Horsebit Loafer by Gucci.

The Look, Arpita Mehta Mirrored Lehnga, Tom Ford Tux

The Look, Arpita Mehta Mirrored Lehnga, Tom Ford Tux

The Look: Alive & Olivia Floral Ball Gown Skirt and Tank, Manish Malhotra Jacket Set  

The Look: Alive & Olivia Floral Ball Gown Skirt and Tank, Manish Malhotra Jacket Set  

The Look: Anita Dongre Dress Gown, Gold Cuff, YSL tee, Sport Coat

The Look: Anita Dongre Dress Gown, Gold Cuff, YSL tee, Sport Coat

Shoot memoirs- A look behind the scenes


A whirlwind half day engagement shoot in a city that is a photographer's paradise, a tranquil stay at the Fateh Garh Palace overlooking the city was an experience on its own w...ith the calm tunes of Sarangi playing in back. No frame is worth missing at the same time no experience is worth missing even though this is everyone's 2nd/3rd visit, but we lived it all as much as we could. Susmita, Pooja and I experienced the magic of udaipur with the time we had, including waking up at 4.30am to see the sunrise. The recipe for the e-session had numerous ingredients - a lot of planning, hours of discussions on concepts, numerous pins on a pinterest board, dedication from the bride (and groom) to be discussing styling concepts and last but not the least, all the stars lining up and no hiccups on the day of the shoot except, I could have had another slot for sunrise or sunset as there was nothing worth missing from the beautiful spa pool at the Udaivilas to the boats in lake pichhola and the monsoon palace. I would like to thank Payal & Shangril for all their dedication, given the time constraints, travel and crazy schedules during their engagement which took place in Ahemdabad the next day. They worked effortlessly and gave us so much freedom as well as a platform which was needed to create stunning imagery. The regal locations, the earthy tones to the amazing backdrops of the city palace and Udaivilas, and cultural richness in the city made the shoot special to all of us. From Shiv Niwas Palace to Udaivillas, and a short fashion stint in the market, Sarees by Sabyasachi Mukherjee that were picked by Payal and a saree dhoti look styled by Susmita, that was created by us on paper on our 16 hr flight from Newark to Mumbai.  The saree was just something I happened to pick from my mother's wardrobe the day I was catching my flight from Houston to Newark. It was my father's first gift to my mother on their wedding night and is very special to them. I felt it would be a great way to revive this look and Susmita made it work like a charm for our one editorial concept on 'Basanti'. Wehad everything from a horse carriage, elephant and a cow( by the ghaat) to create a row of images that were mixed in approach from editorial to fine art and minimalist to some that were purely fashion driven. But we couldn't have pulled it together without the help of a young talented dynamic and a very hard working photo assistant and an excellent photographer Pooja, who looked into every minute detail to ensure we had a smooth shoot all along as well our Location Manager/Line Producer Anil & his team. I can't thank him enough for helping us round the clock for two days with transport arrangements, scouting, permissions and ensuring we have access to everything we needed, even his vest for one of Shangril's looks:-) Lastly, my sincere gratitude to the team of Udaivillas for their astounding hospitality. 

Art Direction & Photography: Mili Ghosh Make-up, Hair by Susmita/Line Producer Anil Angad Vanwala- Shooting Stars Event Management Venues; Udaivillas, Shiv Niwas Palace & Jagdish Temple/Couture by Sabyasachi Mukehrjee




At Ridhima (Punjabi)and Atul's (Maharashtrian) wedding, two families from two different regions of India came together. I was itching to photograph the wedding and see it unfold as the day progressed. Diversity in rituals, food, language, clothes etc have always piqued my interest. Not to mention, flying back to Chicago is always an incentive for me to catch up with friends. The day started early, with Ridhima getting ready,  at the Intercontinental followed by a not so short drive to the wedding venue. The wedding ceremony was held at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. Nisar Naimi from Shaadi Creations' worked his magic wand to set up a serene ambiance by the lake. The lush green backdrops at the botanical garden gave us the opportunity to capture some glamorous portraits.  The reception was held at the Intercontinental later in the evening. Two families, two states, one love - the reception saw a roller coaster of emotions with plentiful of tears and hearty laughs alike. This was one of the very few times where I did an e-session the day after the wedding. Atul rented a boat for us to shoot on. A fun few hours on lake michigan, on a sunny monday afternoon, while I clicked Ridhima and Atul - both looked stunning. A big thanks to Drish for being the planner extraordinaire and Mehwish for her amazing make up. It was great to finally work with Nathan from Delack Media. 

Event Planning - Drish Singh Patel - Drish Couture
Wedding Hair & Make Up - Mehwish Khan
Reception Hair & Make up- Sonia Sandhu 
Decor - Nisar Naimi - Shaadi Creations
Cinematography - Nathan Delack - Delack Media










<!-- Begin var message="You may not right mouse click this page."; if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer'){ function NOclickIE(e) { if (event.button == 2 || event.button == 3) { alert(message); return false; } return true; } document.onmousedown=NOclickIE; document.onmouseup=NOclickIE; window.onmousedown=NOclickIE; window.onmouseup=NOclickIE; } else { function NOclickNN(e){ if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){ if (e.which==2||e.which==3){ alert(message); return false; }}} if (document.layers){ document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); document.onmousedown=NOclickNN; } document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false") } // End --> The jaunt back east, over the memorial day weekend, to Philadelphia to shoot Palak & Pinank's wedding was a delight - the atmosphere, hospitality, warmth, food etc. made the entire wedding very cozy yet grand. Photography + cinematography projects are always stressful but with some exquisite planning and organization by Priya from Premini Events, the wedding events were executed flawlessly. The wedding festivities started in Princeton with a very colorful Mehndi and Garba. Great decor, by elegant affairs, amazing food and very traditional events made for a great start to the memorial day weekend festivities. After the Garba, the wedding and reception were held in Philadelphia. A rather enthusiastic baraat, with streets were closed off,  kicked off the wedding ceremony. Elegant affairs put together a very chic and grand  wedding mandap. The reception was equally elegant and fun. DJ Sharad and Marco had the guests grooving till late. We did not get much chance to shoot with Palak and Pinank in Phily - had them come out to LA in August and we shot in various locations including the beaches in Malibu, the El Mirage lake bed and a  road that felt like going on for eternity. A big thank you to Palak and Pinank for being gracious hosts in Philadelphia and braving rather trying conditions at the desert, fighting scorching sun and heat, and the cooler and breezy beaches. A big hug to Susmita Patel from stylebysusmita for taking time out of her busy schedule and coming out to LA to be my partner in crime. A big thank you to Mehul and his for working alongside us and making beautiful memories

Event Planning  - Priya Kumar - /Make Up & Hair - Susmita Patel - Style By Susmita/DJ - Sharad Bhavnani - DJUSA/Decor/Flowers - Elegant Affairs/Second Photography Team- Mehul Patel - Memories Photo & Video/Catering - Kamal Arora - Mogul Catering



A few weeks back I posted the stunning images from Karishma & Satpreet's wedding. Now its time for the wedding film trailer. I feel the same way - it was one big party that spanned mutliple days. The wedding events planned by my favorite - Rimjhim Bhagchandani ( - and were coordinated to perfection with every little detail thought of and executed. The festivities started with a very intimate yet vibrant Mehndi at Karishma's villa - close friends and family mingled and danced into the wee hours. The second event was the masquerade sangeet at the Majlis Al Mina in Mina A'Salam hotel. A huge masquerade backdrop with ethnic decor set the stage for performances by friends and family followed by a dance floor oozing energy and fun. Again, Rimjhim aunty perfected the ambiance. The wedding started off with Satpreet's baraat at the Magnolia Al Qasr with Karishma arriving in a traditional abra from her room to the mandap. PThe reception was held the day after at the grand Johara ballroom and had a Gatsby theme. Vintage typewriter for guests to type in their wishes to the newly wed, a huge Gatsby backdrop for photobooth, and a stage elegantly displaying Karishma and Satpreet's logo. DJ Sash kept the guests dancing to some groovy numbers and remix songs. After four days of hectic fun, I am not sure where Karishma and Satpreet found the energy to meet us at the Bab Al Sham's resort for a twilight photoshoot in the dunes. A huge hug to Aziz, Serge and Gaston for coming out and traveling 1000s of miles to shoot with us. It was always a pleasure to work with them. Cant thank Preeti, Rajesh and Karan for their hospitality. Last but not the least - a big hug to Karishma and Satpreet for keep up with me and be up for a post wedding shoot. Enjoy!



Karishma and Satpreet's wedding was a blast before we wrapped up the 2013 wedding season. The wedding events planned by my favorite - Rimjhim Bhagchandani - and were coordinated to perfection with every little detail thought of and executed. I started discussing the shoot plan with Karishma months before the wedding and we carved out time out in the dunes for a sunset shoot - something that puts all the events and festivities in perspective. The festivities started with a very intimate yet vibrant Mehndi at Karishma's villa - close friends and family mingled and danced into the wee hours. The second event was the masquerade sangeet at the Majlis Al Mina in Mina A'Salam hotel. A huge masquerade backdrop with ethnic decor set the stage for performances by friends and family followed by a dance floor oozing energy and fun. Again, Rimjhim aunty perfected the ambiance. The wedding started off with Satpreet's baraat at the Magnolia Al Qasr with Karishma arriving in a traditional abra from her room to the mandap. Perfect coordination of Karishma's outfit with the decor, which had mix of white and mustard. 1000 balloons were released as Karishma got off the abra. A beautiful twilight wedding ceremony followed Karishma's arrival. The reception was held the day after at the grand Johara ballroom and had a Gatsby theme. Vintage typewriter for guests to type in their wishes to the newly wed, a huge Gatsby backdrop for photobooth, and a stage elegantly displaying Karishma and Satpreet's logo. DJ Sash kept the guests dancing to some groovy numbers and remix songs. After four days of hectic fun, I am not sure where Karishma and Satpreet found the energy to meet us at the Bab Al Sham's resort for a twilight photoshoot in the dunes. The resort lended a very oasis like feel and it was fun shooting in the narrow alleys and sunlit terraces. I could not wait to shoot Karishma's reception outfit against the neutral colors of the sand dunes. The lighting was perfect, and we clicked away as the sun set in the distant horizon. A huge hug to Aziz, Serge and Gaston for coming out and traveling 1000s of miles to shoot with us. It was always a pleasure to work with them. Cant thank Preeti, Rajesh and Karan for their hospitality. Last but not the least - a big hug to Karishma and Satpreet for keep up with me and be up for a post wedding shoot. Enjoy!

Event Planning: Rimjhim Bhagchandni 

Hair & Make up: Preeti Chotai

Bridal Couture: Rabani & Rakha


Neha and Ravi's glitzy engagement at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa was a testiment to their impeccable taste in picking the location and making friends, family and guests experience the glamour of Armani Hotel and the   groove of Hari & Sukhmani. I met Neha and Ravi a couple of weeks before their engagement while I was in Dubai shooting Karishma and Satpreet's wedding at the Medinat Jumeirah. I could feel an instant connection to Neha and Ravi and we had a creative connection right away. Their outfits from Shantanu & Nikhil were stunning and that had me all dreamy of the images that we would get from the event. Unfortunately. I could not make it back to Dubai for the shoot. Sid and Aziz traveled to Dubai for a couple of days to shoot the event and they had an amazing time with Neha and Ravi's family, friends and guests. A rather chilly january evening outdoor event had a rather balmy dance floor with friends, family and guests tapping to the peppy tunes Hari and Sukhmani performed. I cant thank Rimjhim aunty ( Rimjhim Events )  enough for putting together a fabulous setting for the event with a drop down cake at the altar. The minimalist decor complemented the rich backdrop of downtown Dubai. Her attention to details is extremely inspiring - the day started out pleasant but as the evening progressed, the temperature dropped rather suddenly and Rimjhim aunty had pashmina shawls, neatly folded in a basket, for guests who were not able to dance the chil away. As the evening progressed, guests could not help but get swayed, into the dance floor, by the peppy tunes Hari and Sukhmani performed.

Sid and I are looking forward to the wedding in Phuket later this year. It should be 4 days of non stop fun and action. Already gearing up for the epic pool party before the reception!

Event Planning - Rimjhim Bhagchandani/Couture - Shantanu & Nikhil/Performance - Hari & Sukhmani/Cinematography- Doodle Studio

NEHA RAVI STOMPED_0278 copy.jpg


Non stop action and fun is what this wedding was. I can't recall a single moment where I had to go look for content to film. Amazingly fun couple and their friends gave us plenty to film for 4 days. Rain or shine, we were on the go. A big hug and thanks to Drish, Mitul and their families for being such gracious hosts and being so camera friendly. From the fun by the pool to the delicate moments with Drish's mother, there was a wide range of emotion on my platter at the editing table. I had a constant flow of smile and tears throughout the days I sat on the table and wove the trailer together frame by frame. It rained everyday in San Juan and at the most vulnerable moments ( wedding ceremony, Sangeet and reception ). I had no choice but to name the trailer - "The Monsoon Wedding". Numerous trips to old San Juan, riding the commuter train, and the fort while fighting the wind, rain and in the end a big fiasco with flying a kite, made the entire shoot memorable and full of goofy moments. I would like to thank Drish and Mitul for having us be part of their big day!

Hope the true essence of the wedding comes out in the trailer!

It was great to work with Drish herself and her team from Drish Couture Mehwish Khan for Hair/Makeup/Zaheer, Z Molu photography/DJ Suhel from NYC


A sneak into a wedding celebration that Vegas will remember for quite some time to come. The festivities for Pankaj and Avnie’s wedding started a week prior to the wedding in Vegas. Baraat arriving on a charter flight from Houston, an open air sangeet, overlooking the Vegas strip, at the Cosmopolitan and finally the wedding at the grand terrace in Bellagio followed by a Gatsby themed reception encompassed a wedding extraordinaire. I had such a hard time compiling a sneak peek. With so many images not making the cut, I am really excited to start putting together the full blog posts. This is just a teaser of whats to come – A mile high crazy baraat, groom on an elephant, a cake taller than me (it does not take much for things to be taller than me but still ), grandeur of the Bellagio backdrop for the ceremony and a chic Gatsby themed reception. The entire weekend was full of moments – Pankaj in the 737 cockpit, Pankaj and Avnie’s groovy performance at the sangeet to old school bollywood songs, pankaj’s friends carrying him after the peethi (wont spoil the surprise of what happened after ), aerial shots of the baraat and the wedding ceremony, heartfelt speeches by family and friends and guests blessing the dance floor with groovy moves till the wee hours – a  blockbuster wedding and it will take multiple blog posts to do full justice to the wedding. Congratulations to Pankaj and Avnie. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Aziz Khan and Kristen Marie Parker the hidden gem of photographers for braving the long hours with Sid and I and helping us create some stunning imagery.  A huge big shout out to Tory Cooper for coordinating the most spectacular wedding. Last and certainly not least my cousin Raj for introducing us to this wonderful family.

Full wedding post and vendor credits coming soon on the blog.


Imagine a bride wearing  a Sabyasachi lehnga and groom dressed in a exquisite tuxedo – both madly in love with each other. Now imagine this combined with their amazing chemistry, fun attitude and willingness to battle a cold May evening to get photographed in their reception outfits two months before the actual wedding – this is every photographer’s  creative dream – and Sid and I had the privilege to shoot with such a couple - Charu and Aditya. Photographing them feels so effortless. Kudos to them for understanding how important it is to be able to shoot portraits before the wedding. The shoot started on a cold May evening in my patio on the 28th floor and then to the theatre district and finally wrapped up in Grant park. 

Fast forward to July 6th – after Charu and Aditya made a grand and fun entrance into the ballroom at the Hilton, the reception highlight was Aditya teaming up with his acapella group (chai town) mates and singing a tribute to Charu – a very honest and true to heart performance.  Later in the evening, the guests grooved to some peppy mixes by the DJ and had a blast on the dance floor. The night ended with me walking a block to my apartment – this was the best part! I have never had the luxury of walking over from my apartment to shoot a wedding.  This wedding will always have a special place in my heart – this was the last wedding I shot in Chicago while living there. I am back for a lot more in 2014! Last but not the least, once again a big shout out to Sabrina Hans – a coordinator par excellence. Karthika - a friend..a sister - helped with the shoot as well.




Avnie & Pankaj - e-session, Las Vegas

Temperatures topping 110 degree fahrenheit, thunderstorms and rain - only day of rain in the entire summer, a $10 umbrella from CVS that barely held up against a "breezy" evening on the strip, Bobby's poker room, a 1959 Austin-Healey roadster, a LED light being sneaked into a club as a "glowing" clutch, and exclusive access to the Hyde club in Bellagio for a shoot pretty much sum up Pankaj and Avnie's e-session in Vegas. 

Sharing some excerpts from the fun e-shoot in Vegas - A big thanks to Pankaj and Avnie for being such good sport to shoot into wee hours on a saturday night , in crowded vegas hot spots, and working hard all day sunday with us to get the shoot completed before we embarked on a 4 hour drive back to LA at 1:00 in the morning. 
Looking forward to the crazy madness during the wedding in a few weeks. Will keep the details of the blockbuster wedding a secret for now and as I have said before what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas - atleast not for Pankaj and Avnie. Stay tuned for some epic images from the wedding.

Aashiqui in Vegas


Avnie & Pankaj

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - well - not anymore - excited to start sharing Avnie & Pankaj's e-session. The only day it rained in Vegas this summer - we happened to be shooting. The 100 plus degrees made it tough to shoot outdoors during the day. We all braved the Vegas heat and came up with lot of fun images. More to come soon! Meanwhile enjoy this sneak peek!


From the moment I saw the video of Aditya's proposal to Charu, I knew they are special and it would be so much working with them to capture their memories. A mild summer day in Chicago, July 4th weekend crowd on the streets, a crazy baraat on michigan avenue and an amazing performance, at the reception, by Aditya dedicated to Charu made for a fabulous wedding. Not to mention this was the first wedding venue that I actually could just walk over to from my apartment. The day started with solemn moments between friends and family followed by a wonderful ceremony in the Grand Ballroom at the Hilton. The second half of the day was a complete reverse - an epic blockbuster party at the reception - fun speeches, Aditya singing for Charu and the groove on the dance floor. A big hug to Charu and Aditya for being such a wonderful couple (basically being our puppets..:-)). It was a privilege working with Sabrina Hans and her team. And as always - it was a pleasure working with Min and Shilpa from Dream Occasions. A huge hug to  a very dear friend, Karthika, for helping with the shoot.

Charu & Aditya - The Art of Romance - E-Session

Who does not love the excitement of writing love letters? We seem to have lost the art of writing letters in the hustle bustle of texting, messaging and emails. But there is nothing more romantic than picking up a writing pad and a pen and professing  love for your significant other. After seeing how adorable Charu and Aditya were together, I could not help but include the “love letter” theme in their e-session.

We started our day at the Talbott Hotel with outdoor seating on a serene sidewalk on a windy and surprisingly chilly saturday morning in may.  A fun filled wine tasting session that ended with a big spill! After the wine tasting, we made our way to the cancer survivor garden in Millenium park. The next hour felt like we made our way back in time – 80s Bollywood – love letters, expressions, a gorgeous girl and a handsome guy. Got some stunning images thanks to the amazing chemistry between Charu and Aditya.  Took a short break, outfit change and off we were to the south pond pavilion in Lincoln park zoo. A wood and fiberglass architecture provided for an exquisite location to shoot Charu and Aditya’s sangeet outfits.  Charu’s outfit by Sabyasachi had the right amount of bling and photographed very well. The wind started picking up and temperatures dropped quickly. But we braved the chill in the air and made our way to Adler planetarium. Aditya sings and plays the guitar.  Again, I was obsessed with going Bollywood – out came the guitar and we clicked Aditya singing to Charu and teaching her how to play the guitar. Cute and adorable moments,  me all wrapped up in a throw and clicking away happily!

We ended the evening with their reception outfit (which I will blog after the wedding is over). Cant wait to shoot the wedding tomorrow. Look forward to meeting their families and working with some amazing vendors at the Hilton.

Charu & Aditya - E-Session - Sneak Peek (More coming soon!)

Wishing everyone a very happy 4th of July.  I spent the day prepping for Charu and Aditya's wedding, on saturday- July 6th, at the Hilton on Michigan Avenue. I have been looking forward to this wedding for a while now. We did their engagement session on a surprisingly windy and chilly weekend in May. We went around the city and it was so much fun to capture the amazing chemistry between the couple. Here are a few sneak peek moments from that day. More to follow within a day or so.