Rachana & Gagan - Mellon Auditorium - Washington, DC [ a tribute to Yash Chopra ]

Its been a long wait for us to release the trailer for Gagan and Rachana’s wedding. I always wanted to do a Yash Chopra tribute and I could not think of a better tribute than this gorgeous wedding at Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC. I have dedicated part of the trailer (the beginning) to Yash jee. Gagan and Rachana came
to us in 2011 for filming their wedding and after a few months of back and forth and venue changes, we finally arrived in Washington in late June. This is one of the best venues we have ever filmed a wedding in and the exquisite architecture of the auditorium ballroom and green room made for some spectacular frames and backdrops.
After coming back to Chicago and going through the footage, I immediately had a vision for the template for the trailer. The template involved some more outdoor shooting with Gagan and Rachana. Sid went back to Washington in October and just before Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, he was able to complete rest of the shots we needed for the trailer. A bright and sunny day in June witnessed what I think is one of the most fun weddings we have filmed to date. We would like to thank Gagan and Rachana for having us film their wedding. Enjoy!