Avnie & Pankaj - e-session, Las Vegas

Temperatures topping 110 degree fahrenheit, thunderstorms and rain - only day of rain in the entire summer, a $10 umbrella from CVS that barely held up against a "breezy" evening on the strip, Bobby's poker room, a 1959 Austin-Healey roadster, a LED light being sneaked into a club as a "glowing" clutch, and exclusive access to the Hyde club in Bellagio for a shoot pretty much sum up Pankaj and Avnie's e-session in Vegas. 

Sharing some excerpts from the fun e-shoot in Vegas - A big thanks to Pankaj and Avnie for being such good sport to shoot into wee hours on a saturday night , in crowded vegas hot spots, and working hard all day sunday with us to get the shoot completed before we embarked on a 4 hour drive back to LA at 1:00 in the morning. 
Looking forward to the crazy madness during the wedding in a few weeks. Will keep the details of the blockbuster wedding a secret for now and as I have said before what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas - atleast not for Pankaj and Avnie. Stay tuned for some epic images from the wedding.