Non stop action and fun is what this wedding was. I can't recall a single moment where I had to go look for content to film. Amazingly fun couple and their friends gave us plenty to film for 4 days. Rain or shine, we were on the go. A big hug and thanks to Drish, Mitul and their families for being such gracious hosts and being so camera friendly. From the fun by the pool to the delicate moments with Drish's mother, there was a wide range of emotion on my platter at the editing table. I had a constant flow of smile and tears throughout the days I sat on the table and wove the trailer together frame by frame. It rained everyday in San Juan and at the most vulnerable moments ( wedding ceremony, Sangeet and reception ). I had no choice but to name the trailer - "The Monsoon Wedding". Numerous trips to old San Juan, riding the commuter train, and the fort while fighting the wind, rain and in the end a big fiasco with flying a kite, made the entire shoot memorable and full of goofy moments. I would like to thank Drish and Mitul for having us be part of their big day!

Hope the true essence of the wedding comes out in the trailer!

It was great to work with Drish herself and her team from Drish Couture Mehwish Khan for Hair/Makeup/Zaheer, Z Molu photography/DJ Suhel from NYC