Manita & Harpreet- The Flawless Affair in Vegas

As per the title of our previous post Manita and Harpreet go together like chocolate pudding and chinese food; but if we were to be a bit more traditional in our description, we could just tell you that it's safe to say that never will a cuter, more romantic or better-matched couple come along the way than that of Manita & Harpreet, for they are a more than perfect twosome, truly. Let's take Harp. Look up the word extrovert in the dictionary, and there he would be, smiling and smirking. A jokester, prankster and lover of life. Ask him to balance, jump or pull a stunt and you immediately catch his attention and would probably ask you to do it again, all with a big ol' grin. But what does that old love saying project? Ahh yes. Opposites (most definitely do) attract. Nothing could be more true than with what we're about to tell you about the beyond beautiful bride that has chosen to forever stand next to lucky Harp's side. Manita. Soft yet playful with the ladylike elegance being just a few of her admired qualities and synonyms to what just so happens to make her a perfect balance and complement to Harp's entire personage. Whether it's values, morality, respect or understanding, they are 100% completely, and always lovingly, in sync. So to have to sit down and try to express with words the level of positivity, warmth and easiness we felt whenever we were in these two's - or their family's presence - would prove to be an almost impossible task to do, but try we must - with just one last sliver and example of how we were thanked and acknowledged rather graciously and publicly by their whole family in front of the entire wedding party on their big day with Manita's mother, Val, leading the charge and way, will forever mean more to us than we could ever possibly say. Honored and humbled are two words that come to mind as they so easily describe where Manita gets her most alluring qualities. A pillar of strength coupled with a pure heart and grace, if only I could look like her at my own daughter's wedding one day, let's just say, I'm ready to age. And we would be truly remiss if we didn't take this opportunity of our own to thank both of them, publicly, most especially the bride, for putting so much blind faith and trust into this whole adventure and ride; for she closely collaborated throughout the entire process, from the editorial shoot down to the logistics and every last little fine detail of this truly fairytale-like dream wedding, while never once fretting. So, yes, from the outside you might not think that two such opposite things as Chinese food and chocolate pudding could or should ever go together, but after meeting and seeing Manita and Harpreet, no other two things could ever fit more perfectly.

Venues: Sangeet Portraits- Villa De Lion, Los Angeles Sangeet Event-  Hyde//Bellagio, Wedding Ceremony Bellagio garden, Wedding Reception - Poolside//Wynn- Couture: Tarun Tahiliani, Abu Sandeep, Anita Dongre, Jade Couture, Tom Ford. Vendors: Decor Team- Prashe. Wedding Planner- Tory L Cooper. Make up & Hair- Tamana, Dress your Face & Susmita Patel, Style by Susmita.  Photo and Video Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh, Kristen Marie Parker, Damon Chamberloin