Sheekha & Abbas - Sufi Love

What do you get when a gorgeous optometrist introvert says a long-awaited yes to her "Renaissance Hero," everyone says nacho sare jee padhke! a shaadi fueled with dhamal, masti and a ton of laughter.. Take this tale that was regaled when the toasting and speeches officially began later that evening at the reception. Just two short hours before the guests were to arrive, a "sipping situation" began to arise. It came to the father-of-the-groom's attention - who we feel we must now mention happens to be vice chairman of a very well-known and famous blue-canned beverage company - that Union Station, the chosen venue, having an exclusive contract with the competing, other-colored brand had stocked nothing but red products, not one blue; to which, of course, was immediately determined would not do and had to all be rushed out and moved. Mission: Replace was officially under way. So a visit to every nearby grocery store and mart was made by placing nothing but blue cans into every cart and then driven back to the chosen venue with minutes to spare, with both the bride and groom and honored guest, Pepsico's CEO and president, Indra Nooyi, blissfully unaware. And although the night was mostly filled with stories of fun like the previous one - say the groom's penchant for Freddy Krueger-loving or his Bye Bye Birdie star turn crooning - there were also the loving, and touching moments so sweet, it made everyone's heart in attendance skip an extra beat; especially when the toast or speech would turn to the way of the beautiful bride, Sheekha's, seat. Like when Abbas' brother and sister arose, took the microphone, and spoke of the elegant and seamless way in which she took her rightful place into a sometimes hard to penetrate family unit just by being loyally and lovingly authentic, and all while our intimate rendezvous moments with the family where the mother in the law also said how she fell in love with her the day she met her and knew she would one day officially add her as a daughter. And as Abbas' would smartly attest, mother(in-laws) always know best. So with a mother, father, brother and sister's approval, now all it would take is for one last member to bless the union: the groom's beyond sweet little nephew who has his lips pressed to the mic, three simple words did ignite an audible "awww" from the entire raised-glass site and room, "I love you, Sheekha Mami." Yep. Best be careful, Mr. Groom, you may have some competition from this smallest "Renaissance-man-in-training" dude. So just what do you get when a stunning introverted optometrist says yes to our handsome GQ renaissance hero ? Why, a event filled with nothing but blue cans, love, laughter and dance - and every last little kind of merriment.

Credits: Venues: Ritz Carlton (Chicago), Union Station (Chicago), Khan Residence (Greenwich), Greenwich Country Club (Greenwich); Wedding Planner: Rachel De Marte (Chicago) Hana Chugtai- Mani Mela (Greenwich); Make up: Karuna Chani; Emily Oliver (Utah)  Hair by Rosemary Monica (Chicago) & Nico Donielle (Utah) Couture by: Ali Xeeshan, Sabyasachi, Faraz Manan; Republic by Omar, Tom Ford; Photography & Cinematography Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh, Damon Chamberlain; Decor: Kehoe Design (Chicago), Mani Mela (Greenwich).

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