Sheekha & Abbas- Echoes of Amangiri

Fashion and dessert modernism, my two most loved passions combined with my years-long model and muse, Sheekha was a dream lifestyle editorial shoot for me, allowing me to become one with - not only my camera's lens and my innate love for a natural and symmetrical canvas, but with Utah's exclusive Amangiri Resort's respite. Lemon Trees and swerving shoulders of curved rock that both partnered and cloaked with and against concrete geometric planes that somehow seemed perfectly set into place that also humbly gave way to Sheekha and Abbas was a privilege to partake and create. And upon the shooting of this fashion vignette and discussing these artful chemistries and philosophies what truly fit in was title and name of this resort, Amangiri, nestled so prettily into the secluded valley of sandstone when translated literally means "mountain of peace," and what most easily and ultimately became the heart, breadth and soul of this shoot.

Notes Behind the Scenes: I remember when were in the middle of the planning-the-shoot stages when I felt like I was working with not a bride, but a co-producer by my side; with nonstop texts coming from both our ends, it's the most involved I'd ever been with a bride-to-be, but it actually felt so good to discuss every fleeting thought that would come - to have someone that was always there to listen, analyze - and to care. At times, our minds felt like they were literally syncing from all of the things we were separately envisioning. In fact, in one case they actually did - as it turns out we even picked the exact same outfit on the exact same day while we were in a completely different city and place! (It was the red and green floral dress by D & G, by the way.) There was so much texting back and forth, so often (even while we were both driving) that we're lucky none of us got killed. I'm even pretty sure that if I were to tally all the texts that we sent and received, she's be the at the top of my carrier's list, easily. I've never had a bride so willing to be right there, right by my side, who would even stay up late with me to pack, organize and plan the shoot - we even stuck tape to the bottom of every pair of shoes we used so that they could be returned; this was the level of her involvement and commitment which I'll forever thank her for.

Behind the scenes: Amangiri Resort - Cameron Shaw / Make up by Emily 'Trantow' Oliver/ Couture by Sanjay Garg and Gaurav Gupta; Sourced by Nisha Kundnani Bridelan Mumbai/Couture Owned by Sheekha: Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, Varun Shah Bahl, Dolce Gabbana, Balmain/Hair by Nico Doniele Scegiel/Aerials by Michael Cerderios, assisted by Jenny/Cinematography and Co-produced by Sid Ghosh/Art direction, Styling, Photography and Produced by Mili Ghosh/Featured Poetry: Nazm by Gulzar

Shoot Memoirs- A Look Behind The Scenes