Babita & Parth: Gujunese Love, Art of the Tease

We'ave all heard it been said that the couple that plays together, stays together, yes? Well, never have these words (or wedding bells) rung more true than that of (creative charmer) Babita and the (funnyman) Partha, our couple(d) two. For when asked what makes these opposites most click, and be put at instant ease, its the fine art of the dueling sarcastic tease. A pass time that they have both happily agreed on and made a permanent stay in their relationship from the very first days (and whenever Mister Partha can sneak in a little wink or a blow a kiss from across a dinner table just to watch Babz sheer embarrassment) and one they plan to continue to through to anniversary year one hundred and two- because both Babz and Mr Pantastic know- and are proof- that if you find that one person that makes you laugh 'til it hurts, you should just go ahead and end your soul mate search. So perhaps in this pair's particular instance and case, we should rally chance the motto to (now) say: the couple that (literally) plays (did we almost forget to mention that these two are complete Pokemon addicts, too, and that their wedding day not-just-so-happened to coincide with the app going live? ) cooks, dances, teases, organizes and creates together, stays together. Yes. There. Much better. And while you are start scrolling down, don't be alarmed if you start seeing Madhuri Dixit instead of Babz. Yes, I still have goosebumps when Babz flashes her 1000 watt smile and all I see in-front of my eyes is my childhood crush. I didn't have posters of Salman or Shahrukh Khan plastered all over my room, it was Madhuri Dixit. Want proof? my dubsmash says it all.

Credits: Venue: The Venetian, Joshua Tree National Park; Wedding Planner: Premini Events, Priya Kumar; Wedding Make up & Hair: Karuna Chani;  Wedding Couture: Well Groomed (Vancouver); Reception Couture: RK Bridal; Cake: Palermo Bakery; Dj/Music: DJ USA; Hair: Nico Donielle (LA shoot); Photography & Cinematography Team: Mili Ghosh, Sid Ghosh,Adam Troeger, Dalton Campbell, Rob Venga; Decor: Design House Decor; Catering: Moghul Catering.