LA indian wedding videography

Reshma & Harsheel, California

Reshma & Harsheel from MILI GHOSH (http://in-motionstud on Vimeo.

The wedding story filmed in Los Angeles. August 09
This piece takes us through (in flashes) their wedding journey which was simply a spectacle. Hopefully, the piece does justice to the couple and to the beautiful, glamorous wedding that they had

Sid Ghosh- Production Co-ordinator/Steadicam Operator
Julien Zeitouni - Jib operator
Mili Ghosh- Creative Director/Production Co-ordinator, Camera operator, Editor


Reshma & Harsheel from MILI GHOSH on Vimeo.

Reshma & Harsheel's Love Story. "Yeh dooriyan" from MILI GHOSH (http://in-motionstud on Vimeo.

A short love story filmed in california about Reshma & Harsheel. This was also filmed with the canon 5D mark II and was showcased on their reception night August 15th at the Langham Resort. Sid & I had very little production time (only two and a half days) but thankfully we managed to complete all the scenes baring a few fillers. Special permission was taken to film at the Long Beach airport. The PR lady was really gracious to let us do a scene without any charge and also to allow permit on very late notice.

The wedding, pre-wedding events, reception was also an incredible experience. We formed some great friendships with the couple..the families and also with vendors. Both the families were incredibly warm and full of life.! the wedding was gorgeous, the reception was a blast.. We couldn't stop ourselves from having fun with everyone. We will soon post trailers/sneak peaks from the actual events. This was simply and incredibly unique, lavish and gorgeous wedding.